sleep tight

"You look cute today."
"Oh, thanks! This is my 'I Need To Go To Bed Earlier So I Don't Sleep Through My Alarm Clock' look." *I grin sheepishly*
"You look cute."
Yep, that was the conversation between my boss and me this morning.  :)  I'm so blessed to work for such a lovely Christian woman.  I enjoy my job.
It is true though.  I do need to go to bed earlier.  But I really love staying up late.  Not sure why, but I do.  Alone time maybe?  After spending all day around kids, it's kind of refreshing to have time to myself to just breath and do things.
Last week on Monday when I got home from Summer Training, I started working on my photos right away.  I worked non-stop from about 8:30 that night until 2:00 in the morning.  I got a lot done!  I guess that's another perk of staying up late.  Gives me time to edit and work on photos if I need to.
I do need to learn to recognize when my body is tired though.  My brain keeps wanting to go, but my body screams for sleep.  When I finally do make myself lay down, I fall asleep almost instantly.  It doesn't take long.  I'm super tired and don't even realize it.
Sleep is good.  I love sleep.  I need to go to sleep now... hopefully I will. :)
Good night!
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time travel

Poor, little, neglected blog.  I haven't been taking very good care of you.  So many other things have been demanding my time.  And my brain seems to be empty of things that need to be written about.  Does the world really want to hear my small insights anyways?  Maybe they don't, and maybe they won't care if I don't write anymore.  I probably shouldn't be spilling my personal thoughts for the whole world to see.  Who knows who reads this.
You know what's frustrating?  When everyone lives so far away.  Friends, family, everyone.  Granted, this may be due to the fact that nearly everyone I know is in OAFC, and so the majority of them live in a different state.  But still.  It kind of sucks.  I don't really "know" many people locally.  I mean, I know their names and a little about them, but I don't "know" them.  I'm not close to them like I am with other people.  Also, it seems like any sort of potential relationship interest that comes along deals with major distance.  It's like, "What the heck? Aren't they any nice, Christian men around here close by?".  But considering I'm in "hickville" area, probably not.  Maybe a long distance relationship is the only option for me at this time.  I've done long distance before and would rather not do it again, but maybe I'll have to.
This feeling of distance is probably due to the fact that I just got back from OAFC Summer Training.  I miss everyone so much.  I feel like such an alien on a foreign planet when I get back from OAFC.  I'm thrown from one environment to another, and they're completely different from each other.  I miss the atmosphere at OAFC.  Monday was the last day of Summer Training when everyone (except the Travel Teams) went home.  I woke up at my host home that morning and for a split second thought I was home already.  I almost cried.  I didn't want to leave.  I want to press a rewind button and experience Summer Training all over again.  I miss my team, my friends, people I just met, people I've known for forever, people I'm getting to know again.  I miss them all.  I want to go back.



Here I am again.
So many things to think about, so many things to do.
Summer Training is next week. I've planned Bible Time lessons for my fill-in at work and written up my packing list. Need to buy a few more things before I'm entirely ready for the trip. Not to mention finish putting together the slideshow of photos from the entire forty years OAFC has been going on.  That project has taken so much time and energy, but I like how it's turning out.  And I think a lot of people will appreciate the hard work that went into it. I do think I have too many photos though. Once I have it all put together I'm going through it all again and taking out some photos just to whittle it down some.
Any ways.
Maybe having a specific purpose for a blog is over-rated... not to put down the people who have blogs like that. I just don't think that sort of thing is for me. My brain has too many things going on to tack it down to just one subject or thing. This is my outlet. Like the title says, "a place to spill my thoughts when they have nowhere else to go". That's what this blog is for. Spillage.


pick a day

Yep, I need to have a specific purpose for this blog.
It needs to be about a certain something.
Or I need to write something on some kind of regular basis.
Like, once a week.  Pick a day of the week and write something on that day.
Maybe that will work.