He called to say "hi"
To catch up
Said things were going great
Really turning around
That she's amazing
And he's changing
I certainly hope so
For her sake


Hesitance and holding back
Wanting to go forward, but not sure
Unequal feelings
Head still reeling
Will this be anything more?

Missing you forever
Missing your touch
Wanting reassurance
That you miss me that much
Do you?


Does she know who you were
Does she know what you've done
You say you're different now
But that hasn't undone
The actions that are final
That can't be taken back
The actions that forever
Taint what honor you had


Uncertain regard
For someone so dear
Someone who cares
For you unrestrained

"Take it slow, take your time"
"Don't make mistakes"
"Don't do things you'll regret"

But you must say
How you intend
To share your affections
No matter how small

Any affirmation
Not matter how faint
Would replace the world
Into her hands

For you are her world
And now it all depends
On your regard
Your caring embrace

The empty facade
Will you abandon it
And finally show
The truth inside
For her alone




The weather today was so gorgeous.  Bright and sunny with a breezy coolness so that the temperature stayed quite pleasant all day.
My Mom, my Grandma, and I enjoyed the loveliness by eating lunch on the back deck today.
While sitting there, eating and enjoying each other's company, part of the conversation ran like this...

Grandma: *looking at me while the sun is shining on me* Oh, Laura. Your hair...
Me: What?
Grandma: It's so pretty!
Me: *smiles* Yeah, I know.
Grandma: *turns to my Mom, jokingly* She's conceited, isn't she?

Nothing wrong with being a little conceited. It's good to be confident in yourself, whether it be in your abilities, character, appearance, etc.  Just make sure your confidence is well-placed and you don't flaunt it constantly.  :)