Facebook is kind of ridiculous sometimes.  Most of the time, actually.  And in many different ways.

The layout changes almost constantly.  I've lost track of how many times they've reformatted things since I got on Facebook more than three years ago.  Yeah, you eventually get used to the changes, and sometimes they are better than what was there before, but it's still annoying how often things change.

Those silly chain statuses.  Right now there's a "number" thing going on.  "Message me a number and  I'll put it on my status and tell you what I think of you."  Ok... what is the point to this?  Then there are ones with this kind of logic going on: "97% of people on Facebook are too afraid to say they're a Christian.  Will you be part of the 3% that aren't afraid?  If you believe in God, post this as your status."  You know those statistics are made up, right?  And there are much better ways to show your love for God than by following silly trends in Facebook statuses.  "If you have an amazing mother/father/sister/brother/cousin/friend, post this as your status, because it's national amazing mother/father/sister/brother/cousin/friend day!"  That's most likely made up too, it being a national day for such people.  Nothing wrong with letting people know you love them and care about them, but there are better, more meaningful ways to do that than with a short blip on your status.  Then there's the people who publish their every move, their entire schedule on their status.  "I'm about to go to biology class, then meeting up with friends for lunch at Panera, hitting the gym across from school before going to work at the theater, can't wait to get back to the apartment for movie night!!"  Did you know that's a good way for someone to stalk you?  And I'm not talking about just the friendly stalking we do to each other on Facebook, but malicious stalking, someone possibly following your every move in order to find the best time to hurt you. Don't think it's silly.  It has happened.

I'm not really big on computer and video games, so maybe that's why this annoys me.  The people who play several different games on Facebook, post the updates on their profile, and send requests to every single "friend" to join the game.  Thank goodness you can block games from your newsfeed and block the requests.  I would go insane if I couldn't do that.  I use Facebook primarily for keeping in touch with people, not for the mindless entertainment provided by the games on there, so I don't really care to hear about imaginary farms, cafes, and other such things.

I love looking at photos on Facebook.  It's another way of keeping in touch, and being a fledgling photographer, I'm interested in them from a photographic and artistic aspect as well.  What I don't like though is when people post every single photo they've taken.  I'm not talking about posting a billion photos, because I do that too.  What I'm talking about are the people who don't take the time to weed out the blurry, grainy, pointless, and just plain bad photos when they upload.  If you can't tell what something is in a photo because of distortion due to blurriness and such, then why are you putting it up there?  If you have two similar photos of the same subject but one is better than the other, then just upload the good one, there's no reason to put the bad one up.  Or if there is a nondescript photo that is distorted but meaningful to you, at least put up a caption explaining what it is.  I used to be the person who would upload every single photo, bad and good, but I've learned to be more selective, and part of that is because of my photography classes.  So it's probably due to my photographic experience why this annoys me.  But think of it like this: If you wouldn't buy a print of a photo due to blurriness, grain, overexposure, underexposure, bad use of flash, or just because it's a bad photo, why would you upload it for the whole world to see?

It's very easy to acquire a lot of "friends" on Facebook.  The "best friend" you had in high school twenty years ago, the kid you sat by and joked with in that one class last semester, the person you met at the grocery store, your third cousin twice removed who you met at the reunion five years ago and haven't spoken to since.  How many of your "friends" on Facebook do you keep in touch with currently, on a regular basis?  Do you comment on each other's things constantly, more than the little random "That's cool!" or "I agree." comments?  Do you send messages back and forth, actually inquiring how the other is doing, updating each other personally on what's going on in your lives?  I've recently started sifting through my list of "friends" every week or two and removing people.  If I haven't heard from you in the past year or two and we hardly talked the last time we saw each other, you're most likely removed.  If you're the friend of a friend and I've never actually met you in person, you're most likely removed.  Two or three weeks ago I had 427 "friends", now I have 396.  It's nothing personal, it's not being mean or anything like that.  But if we don't keep in touch, if we're not friends in real life, not more than "friends" on Facebook, then...

Check. Your. Spelling.  Didn't you learn anything about that in school?  There are dictionaries on the internet.  Did you know that?  You're already on the computer, so you might as well pop up an online dictionary while you're at it if you're not sure how to spell something.  "Congratulations" is not spelled with a "d"... seriously, people.  I'm the kind of person who writes text messages in complete sentences, so you could say I'm a stickler for grammar and such at times.  But you know how people say that when you post something on Facebook, the whole world can see it?  That's pretty much true.  So do you want the whole world to see your bad spelling, punctuation, and grammar?  That's not putting a very intelligent image of yourself out there.  What if  a future employer or one of your professors were to see that?  I know I goof up sometimes and don't catch incorrect spelling and such in my own postings, so I'm certainly not saying that I'm better than everyone else.  What I'm saying is that it doesn't hurt to check your spelling and grammar, especially when it's painfully obvious you don't know what you're doing.

Facebook.  Some people love to hate it and others hate to love it.  Technology has been infiltrating our lives for numerous years and Facebook has seeped into our everyday happenings.  So no matter the frustrations and ridiculousness, I doubt Facebook will be disappearing any time soon.



One of the little boys at work took a spill today: tripped, fell, and bit into his lip.  He was such a little trooper though.  I pulled a chair up to the sink to clean him up when he asked what the red stuff was on his hands.  I told him it was nothing as I gently washed them with soap and water.  He'd been sobbing very hard when he came to me but quickly calmed down.  I carefully wiped off his face and asked him to open his mouth so I could make sure he wasn't still bleeding.  It pained him to, but he cautiously did.  Thankfully, mouth injuries tend to heal quickly.  All cleaned up, no more tears in his eyes, and an ice pack on his lip, he was once again the bright-eyed little boy I know and love.
Thank you, God, for brave little boys who grow into strong young men.


a light in the dark room

The semester is winding down, and there's a bitter-sweet feeling to it.
I'm excited to be moving closer to no longer being in school, but I've had the same teachers and some of the same classmates two semesters in a row now, and I'm going to miss them.
Mr. Vaughn's soft voice and combination of brilliance and absentmindedness.
The special "homeschooler" comradery  and shared interests with Nathan.
Kaley and I helping each other with assignments in the digital and film classes.
Katie's quirky creativity and frequent swearing.
Jason being so quiet and under-rated.
The smell of dark room chemicals.  The lights.  The magic and time involved in developing and printing your photos "the old fashioned way".  When will I ever step foot in a dark room again?
Mr. Johnson's booming voice, vast knowledge, and tendency to get on a soap box and share his own philosophies and theories on everything from life to buying software.
Weiser being so funny and entertaining.
Franco being off-the-wall and intelligent at the same time.
Rachael's ego.
Every classmate bursting at the seams with their own unique sense of creativity and how they see the world.
I'm going to miss being surrounded by so many talented people.
There is some light ahead though.  In the spring I'll have Mikey for advanced photoshop, the same teacher I had for the beginning photoshop class.  I know how he teaches and I really like how he runs his class.  So I'm looking forward to being in one of his classes again.
I'll also be taking a marketing class in the spring.  Figured it'd be a good thing to try since I want to start my own business.  Getting an introduction on how to market myself as a photographer will come in handy.
I'm sad to move on, but happy to move forward.  I have experiences and memories to cherish for the rest of my life... and two binders full of prints from the dark room.  :)


new route

I read Sherlock Holmes, Jane Austen, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Lauren Willig...
I listen to Queen, Jason Mraz, Skillet, The Beatles, Adele, Patrick & Eugene...
I go through phases of wearing makeup and then thinking it's the worst thing ever.
I don't think The Cosby Show will ever get old.
My cat is deaf.  I talk to her.  She likes to climb door jambs.
Getting my hair to lie flat is an accomplishment.  Keeping it curled or wavy how I want it is impossible.
I play guitar, but my repertoire of songs is pathetic.
One of my dreams is to start a small photography business.
Another dream is to travel to Ireland and the Isle of Man.
I would love to be more independent and live on my own, but I wouldn't like living by myself. I'd be too lonely.
I'm realizing how self-centered this is all sounding and wondering why exactly I started writing this.
I should write about other people instead.


My parents are amazing.  They're so supportive and loving.  I'm very thankful to have such great Christian parents.

My sister is crazy.  I don't know how her husband puts up with her.  But she's caring and thoughtful, and her husband is smart and funny.  I love them both.

My brother gets on my nerves.  But what brother doesn't bother his sister?  He's growing up so fast.  He's so smart and has big ideas.  Point him in the right direction and he'll go far.

My exchange student sister is so sweet and creative.  I've always secretly wished I had a little sister, and now I do.  She is such a blessing to our family.

My boss is such a great Christian woman.  So caring, organized, business-minded, and fun to be around.  I doubt I'll ever find an employer as wonderful as she is.

My dearest friend.  We've never lived very close to each other, and we don't get to see each other often.  But in the four years we've known each other, we both feel like we've stuck closer together than our other friends have stuck to us.  We've both had to deal with friends not being great friends, and friends growing apart.  Even though school and other things in life make keeping in touch hard, we have a special bond.  I hope God blesses you in all you do and that we remain close friends for many years to come.

We are still fairly new additions to each other's lives, still learning and growing.  But it's so great!  I certainly can't do the wonderfulness of it justice in this one small sentence, but I can't wait to see what God has in store. :)