I certainly don't agree with everything that goes on in the show "Glee".  The morals and plots are questionable, but you can't deny that they have amazing talent on that show.
The mashup of two Adele songs last night was beautiful.  I actually got a little choked up when I watched it.  I already love Adele's music so this was just too perfect.  They put the songs together so well and I love Naya Rivera's (Santana) voice.

The songs speak to you on a personal level.  Whether you've been in a relationship exactly like what's described in the songs or something a little different, you can still identify with the mixture of anger and hope expressed.  I think that's what got me the most.



It's way too easy to over-think something and let it scare you.  Sure, it's really exciting at the beginning, but then you get down to the nitty gritty, figuring out the details, making the tough decisions, and it almost makes you want to run in the other direction.
And it's really annoying when you get to writing and then somethings happens that totally blows your train of thought out of the water.  Now I'm frustrated.  Like I didn't have enough to think about already.
Anyways, I guess what I was getting at before is that even though something may be scary or complicated, God put it there for a reason.  You may not think you're ready to handle it, but He thinks so, and that's all that matters.  Dawdling and putting it off won't get it done and won't help you grow.  You just need to buckle down and do it.
This seems to happen to me a lot.  I get started on something and then get scared and think I can't do it, that it's too hard.  You would expect me to finally learn to just blast through the challenge and not worry about it.


paper or plastic

I am such a mixture of my parents.
Dad is cool and calculated, logical, and good at solving problems.
Mom is sympathetic, emotional, sappy, and charitable.
I constantly bounce between these two temperaments.
My brain is a fun place to be when these two sides get to arguing with each other.