Silent suffering.
Are you a silent sufferer?
Do things bother you but you don't tell people because you don't want to burden them with your problems?
Or you don't feel like you have permission to talk about it?
Or you don't want to hear the questions and criticisms you know are bound to come out of their mouths?
Are you a silent sufferer?
How do you deal with it?
Is it healthy?
The answer to that is "no".
Do you pray a lot?
Do you confide in a select few?
Do you suck it up and pretend nothing is going on?
Ignoring things doesn't make them go away.
It just puts them on hold for a little while.
Are you a silent sufferer?
If you are, just know this:
You are not alone.
There are many more just like you.
And they're willing to offer help and support.

For where two or three come together in My name, there I am with them.
Matthew 18:20