103 days

Here I am stuck in Michigan because of the snow.  Again.  I don't even live here yet and already more than once my trip home has been delayed by the weather.  I certainly enjoy getting to spend a little extra time with Noah before heading back home to wait for our next visit.  But it will be even better when we don't have to make these six-hour trips anymore and we're so thankful we have to travel through only one winter before we're married.

One year ago yesterday was the day Noah first e-mailed me.  He had been on the dating website for about a month.  I had been on there less than a week.  Y'all already know how things turned out after that first e-mail.  We are now 103 days away from our wedding.

103 days.  We're steadily wrapping up the rest of our wedding plans.  Next month we're going to start looking for an apartment.  I can't wait to start making our home a cozy, happy, welcoming place to be.  I'll move to Michigan a couple weeks before our wedding and stay at Noah's parent's house while we move the rest of my belongings into our apartment.  Time is quickly running out.  I should probably get some more packing done....

As the wind blows and the snow rushes around outside, I'm thinking about how much our lives are going to change.  In truth, they already have been changing drastically.  We're already moving toward being husband and wife, thinking of each other in that way, making each other our top priorities in our lives.  Talking together, laughing together, making plans, coming to decisions, disagreeing, reconciling, loving each other.

Neither of us fully understands what marriage will be like.  We know God will be our foundation.  We know it's going to be wonderful.  We know it's going to be hard.  We know there's no one else we would rather experience it with than each other.

It's 103 days until we become husband and wife.  We can't wait!  :)


sleeping with curly hair: testing a silk pillowcase

Hello!  I've finally found time in my busy life to write another blog post for all of my fellow curly girls!  :)

Imagine this:  You are having the best hair day ever.  Your hair is curly, bouncy, big, and beautiful.  At night you fall asleep blissfully dreaming of your curly locks... only to wake up in the morning to a frizzy, flat, matted, non-curly mess.  Sad face.

Why did this happen?  Well, if you move around a lot in your sleep (like I do) then your hair was brushing against your pillowcase all night long.  If you do not have a silk or satin pillowcase (like I didn't) this continuous brushing against rough fabric was squishing and frazzling your curls all night long.

What is a curly girl to do when she wants her beautiful curly hair to last longer than one day?  She has a few options.

The pineapple.  No, not the fruit.  When a curly girl talks about "pineappling" her hair she means she put it up in a high ponytail before going to bed.  Here are handy instructions for this very easy hair technique.  When your hair is up like this, only the underside, the side no one sees when your hair is down, gets brushed against your pillow during the night.  In the morning you simply take your hair out of the ponytail, fluff, and have beautiful curls just like you did the day before.  Problem solved!  For my curly hair, however, the pineapple doesn't work.  My hair is thick and heavy.  Every time I've tried to sleep with my hair pineappled I ended up taking it out because the weight pulling on my head was too uncomfortable.  My hair is also coarse, not soft, so it's very resistant to being pulled in a direction it wasn't already going.

If the pineapple doesn't work for you, then maybe a silk sleeping cap is your solution.  Yep, it's pretty much what it sounds like.  To me, they kind of look like floppy chef hats.  The silk is slick and soft so it won't frazzle your hair and having your hair in a cap keeps it off of your pillowcase.  This option didn't appeal to me much, so I haven't tried it, but maybe it would work for you!

If pineappling doesn't work and you don't want to wear a sleeping cap, then how about changing your pillowcase?  Sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase won't frizz your curls like other materials will and it allows you to sleep without your hair being piled on top of your head or encased in a sleeping cap.  This is the option I decided to try out.  I bought a pillowcase online (they come in many different colors!) and took before and after pictures to see if there was any difference.  There is some debate over whether silk or satin is best.  I picked silk because it seemed like the better choice.

I wasn't having the best hair day to start with, so bear with me that my hair doesn't look amazingly fantastic.  There's a slight color difference between the photos just because of the different times of day the photos were taken.

In the morning I thought my hair was maybe just a tad frizzier and my curls were more spread out.  But it was certainly worlds better than the frizzy, matted mess I've been waking up with for so long.  I am very happy with the results!  The silk pillowcase was also very comfortable to sleep on.  I didn't slip off of it during the night and it didn't slip off of the bed either.  The pillowcase has an envelope flap to keep it on the pillow which I thought was very handy.

I have found the solution to my frizzy second day hair!  :)  What do you think will work for your curly hair?  Are there more options I didn't talk about?  I did recently see something about hair tubes which kind of looks like pineappling and using a sleeping cap at the same time.  Maybe you'd like to give that a shot?