crochet baby blankets

In my career of crochet I have made numerous stuffed animals, scarves, fingerless gloves, wash cloths, hats, and two baby blankets.  Both blankets have been for the children of my sister and her husband.  The first was for their son Isaac who is two years old now and the second is for their daughter Lucy who was born just last week!

Isaac's blanket was a bit of a challenge for me.  I chose to do the entire blanket in popcorn stitches (although the pattern I used called it a "blackberry salad" pattern) which I didn't realize would make it take an eternity to finish.  I worked on it for six months before finally deciding it was big enough to be finished.  The blanket didn't turn out nearly as big as I envisioned but it looked great and to this day is still Isaac's favorite blanket.  :)

Lucy's blanket was much easier to handle.  My sister picked a simple ripple pattern which turned out a lot prettier than I thought it would.  It was hard to find time to work on it in the middle of getting married and moving to Michigan but towards the beginning of July I made a point to work on it for at least an hour every day which turned into working on it for multiple hours at a time.  After I used up the first skein of each color I decided to call it good and finish it off with a border.  I found some instructions for transitioning the ripple pattern into a straight border and then finished with a lacey shell pattern from this awesome crochet book I recently picked up at Barnes & Noble.

I've always loved creating things by hand and crochet is one of my favorite ways to do this.  It's fun seeing cute stuff animals or beautiful scarves materialize right before your eyes and knowing you're the one who made them.  It gives me a great sense of accomplishment to be able to create so many wonderful and unique items.  :)