sew lovely: a pretty yellow dress

I made this dress back in November over Thanksgiving break.  When I came across this yellow tablecloth with such beautiful details I knew it was destined to be a swishy, full skirted dress.  :)

For the skirt I followed the same circle skirt tutorial I used for the lovely green skirt I made a while back.  For the bodice I traced one of my t-shirts and added extra for the side seams and back zipper.  Speaking of the zipper, I ripped it out of a dress I outgrew and reused it for this dress.

Since the details in the fabric are see-through I knew the dress needed to be fully lined.  Black was my first choice but I didn't have any black fabric handy and I didn't want to waste the four day weekend simply because I didn't have a certain color of material.  I decided instead to use a light blue full bed sheet.  I think the two colors go together nicely.

I've made several dresses in the past using store bought patterns so figuring out my own simple pattern wasn't terribly hard.  Besides goofing up some of the seams I think it turned out wonderfully!  It reminds me of retro dresses from the 1950's.  :)